Ambrose Lightship (LV87/WAL512)


Location: South Street Seaport, Manhattan

Description: Red with white lettering; two masts 135'5" long; 29'0" beam; 12'9" draft; steel hull; wooden deckhouses and wheelhouse; one smokestack; was originally steam powered (and was also rigged for sail)

History of light:

1907: Built at New York Shipbuilding Co., Camden, NJ

1908: Assigned to Ambrose station

1932-1936: Assigned as Relief ship

1936-1942: Assigned to Scotland station

1942-1944: Served as examination vessel during WWII

1944-1947: Assigned to Vineyard Sound (MA) station

1947-1963: Assigned to Scotland station

1966, March 4: Decommissioned

1968, August 4: Donated to South Street Seaport in NY City

Current use: Floating historical exhibit

The surrounding area: Located at South Street Seaport Museum

Public access? Yes.

Similar Lights: Sister vessels were LV's 84, 85, 86, 88

Other information: Contract price was $99,000

The Ambrose station replaced the Sandy Hook station after the Ambrose Channel dredging project was completed.


More information will be added to this page about the Ambrose Light Station and the many vessels that served there.


Ambrose Lightship docked at the South Street Seaport
 on July 15, 2006
(photo by Diane Mancini)














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