About Copyright Issues at NewYorkLighthouses.com


As those of you who know me understand, this site was created for public education purposes. The information on this site (i.e., New York's lighthouse heritage) has never before been collected and presented to the public as a whole. This site was created to help fill that void. It has required, and still does require, a great deal of time, effort and expense on my part. The site also contains the work and personal property of others who have been kind enough to assist me in this effort.

Although the information and images are made freely available for public viewing, please understand that the code, text, and images are subject to copyright laws. The creator of any document or image (in this case it usually means me) has certain rights upon the creation of such works. These rights are recognized and protected by federal laws. And despite what your neighbor's brother-in-law's friend says, these laws do apply to the internet.

I am generally happy to allow people to print or copy text or images from this site if the permission is requested. But please be sure to get a response in writing from me. An e-mail with all of its header and footer information is sufficient.

It might help to think of this site as a museum. Feel free to look all you want. I don't charge any admission fee. And I'm always happy to answer your questions or consider your suggestions. But please don't "borrow" any exhibits without asking.

Thanks for understanding. Please enjoy the site and let me know what you think of it. I look forward to hearing from you. :-)

Bob Muller
Islip Terrace
, NY