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About My Presentations

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I am now taking reservations for 2007 speaking engagements.

Looking for a program for a public or private group? I might be able to help you with a choice of four fun and informative programs. Many of these presentations are public events, and you'll see them listed on my Events page. If you have a group that would like a private presentation, you may request one. I prefer to stay in Nassau or Suffolk County, but might consider traveling if I only incur minimal expenses (I have also given presentations in Florida, Connecticut, and upstate New York). Be sure to give me as much information as possible on your group, your location, and the desired program, date and time.

Here are my current and upcoming programs:

Program #1: Long Island's Lighthouses: Past and Present. (Programs 1 and 2 complement each other)

Program #2: Lighthouses of New York State. (NEW for 2006)

Program #3 The History of the Gardiner Family and Gardinerís Island.

Program #4: Thomas Paine: America's Forgotten Founding Father (Available 2007)

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Some comments on my programs:

Carol Elliot, a journalist for the First Coast Entertainer, reported in the July 15, 2000 edition that "Mr. Muller gave a slide presentation to... people gathered at the Anastasia Gallery at the St. Augustine Lighthouse last week. We saw his breathtaking photos of lighthouses including sunsets and heard interesting facts about Long Island's light keepers as well as early residents."

A response from a local group makes a similar assessment: "[We] are most grateful to you for your wonderful slide presentation last Saturday night. We have heard so many complimentary remarks about it... the excellence of your photography, your interesting and informative comments about the lighthouses and the obvious fact that you fully enjoy the subject of lighthouses and their history. We thank you so very much, Bob, for presenting a program of such a high caliber for us. We are all most appreciative. With all best wishes to you for continued success with your work in "sharing the wonderful heritage of Long Island's lighthouses." I do like that phrase of yours!"

From a historical society: "... I want to thank you for a brilliant lecture... You have a rare gift as a public speaker and held everyone's attention with your lovely slides and excellent delivery. It was fascinating and I know everyone learned a lot that day."

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Program #1: Long Island's Lighthouses: Past and Present.

This is my most popular program. In this presentation, we explore the vast lighthouse legacy of the Long Island, NY area, based on my experiences as a local historical researcher, preservationist, author, and lighthouse buff. More than 24 historic light stations and 200 years of history are included.

The photos in this presentation are a combination of recent and archival photos, some going back as far as the 1870s.

Stepping Stones
Execution Rocks
Sands Point
Cold Spring Harbor
Lloyd/Huntington Harbor
Eaton's Neck
Old Field Point
Stratford Shoal (Middleground)
Horton Point
Long Beach Bar (the Bug Light)
Orient Point
Plum Island
Little Gull Island
Race Rock
North Dumpling
Latimer Reef
Montauk Point
Gardiner's Point (Gardiner's Island)
Cedar Island
Shinnecock Bay (Great West Bay, Ponquogue)
Wreck of the Oregon Lightship
Fire Island
Fire Island Lightship
Coney Island


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Program #2: Lighthouses of New York State.

As a companion to my 2006 book, New York State Lighthouses, this program gives a preview of the lighthouses of Lake Erie, Lake Ontario, St. Lawrence River, Lake Champlain, the Hudson River and New York Harbor through US Lighthouse Service maps and early-1900s postcards. New York State is home to more lighthouses than any other state, except for Michigan. Long Island lighthouses are NOT included in this lecture, due to time constraints. This program can be broken into two lectures if a more in-depth examination of the lighthouses is desired.

Program #3: The History of the Gardiner Family and Gardinerís Island.

This program is presented with my brother Louis H.R. Muller, a professor at Suffolk Community College. Lou was an acquaintance of Robert D.L. Gardiner, the last Lord of the Manor. In this program, Lou shares his experiences and discussions with Mr. Gardiner, as well as photos of Mr. Gardinerís East Hampton home and some of its contents, as well as Gardinerís Island. The research and experiences that both of us bring to this program give an inside look at the history of Long Islandís ďfirst family.Ē A digital projector at the facility is required for this program. Program can range from 45-90 minutes, depending on your needs.

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Program #4: Thomas Paine: America's Forgotten Founding Father (Available Late 2006)

The origins of the United States of America are associated with the names of great men: Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Hamilton, and others. But one name is curiously absent in common discussions of "the founding fathers," and that name is Thomas Paine, the man who first proposed the phrase "United States of America." Paine is probably best known for the phrase "these are the times that try men's souls," from the first installment of The American Crisis, but he also wrote Common Sense (a popular and powerful document which many argue inspired the Declaration of Independence), The Rights of Man, The Age of Reason, and other documents which showed a genius unusual in both insight and honesty. "He who does not offend cannot be honest," is one of the sayings attributed to Paine, and offend he did. His Age of Reason offended some with its Deist arguments, and this, along with the slanderous attacks it provoked, moved him from the center stage of the history of the American Revolution. This program will bring to life an overview of Thomas Paine's life and writings.

The shows can last from 45-60 minutes or more, depending upon the specific presentation and your group. Some folks like the history, some just like the pictures. I'm flexible. Just let me know ahead of time so I can plan accordingly. I invite questions and will stay until all are answered.

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I have conducted presentations at museums in New York and Florida, for boating groups, church groups, other private groups, historical societies and libraries. If you'd like a reference regarding my programs, let me know.

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A little about me:

Robert G. MŁller

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Images on this page courtesy of Diane Mancini, taken at two April 2000 presentations.

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